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Baldness - what to do?

The first step is to analyse the causes of your hair loss

Don’t panic if you find a few hairs on your pillow or if hair falls out when you comb it – we lose up to 100 hairs a day. Indeed, hair grows back all the time – as long as hair loss and re-growth are in balance then there’s nothing to worry about. But as soon as you notice an imbalance you should look into the problem. The first step towards finding a solution is to analyse the causes of your hair loss.

Hair Loss – Causes

The most common form of hair loss is constitutional hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). As the name suggests, here there is a genetic predisposition, although this does not necessarily mean that it is also inherited. However, if there is such a hereditary disposition, the growth phase of the hair becomes shorter and it falls out more rapidly. Diffuse hair loss by contrast has a range of causes, including problems of the thyroid, iron deficiency, skin disorders, stress or mental causes. Another form is bald patches (alopecia areata). The precise causes of this are unknown, although an autoimmune disorder is often presumed underlie it. This false reaction by the immune system results in the defence cells suddenly “fighting” against the body’s own hair. Further information here.


As soon as the cause of your hair loss has been determined, the question then arises of finding the right therapy. In general, it is advisable to consult your doctor as soon as possible. In the case of constitutional hair loss, preparations for local scalp treatment are usually advised.

Diffuse hair loss is more complex in terms of finding the right treatment no consistent therapy exists for it. In this case, the major cause must be established through a process of elimination, on the basis of which the form of treatment can be built in the next step.

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Even though many people are not worry about their baldness, it being widely regard, at least among men, as being sexy, many people still wish for a full head of hair after unsuccessful medical treatment.

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