Sensigraft® Fits your Needs

When investing in a Sensigraft® system, it's not just a question of
the acquisition costs, but also the price-performance ratio.
Because compared to other hair replacement options, it quickly becomes clear
that Sensigraft® is worth every penny in terms of craftsmanship, fit and comfort.
is really worth every penny. At least that's what our customers say.

Welcome to Schillo - your expert for high-quality Sensigraft® hair replacement solutions

Enter the fascinating world of innovative hair replacement solutions with the exclusive Sensigraft® collection from Schillo. For years, our globally recognized products have been setting a new standard for quality, naturalness and comfort. With Sensigraft® hair systems, you can rely on the highest standards and advanced technologies to make your new hair look perfect and natural.

Tailored toupees and wigs for men and women

Our experienced team of hairdressers and hair replacement experts are ready to create custom-made toupees and wigs to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our Sensigraft® products are suitable for all men and women who are looking for natural and convincing hair replacement - whether for everyday use, as a medical mask during chemotherapy or for hair loss (alopecia) - we have the ideal solution for you.

Fashionable variety and diversity - hair for every occasion

Discover our wide range of toupees and wigs that are suitable for all social occasions and individual tastes. From classic cuts to cutting-edge styles, we offer a range of options in human and synthetic hair. Whether you're looking for a discreet toupee for everyday wear or a glamorous perfection for special moments - we have the right solution for you.

Experience the absolutely high-quality Sensigraft®-manufactured goods

Our globally recognized Sensigraft® products set the standard for quality, naturalness and comfort in the field of modern hair replacement. Our hand-knotted hair systems are produced with the utmost care and precision in our manufactory. Unlike mass-produced machine-made products, they take more time to adjust and fine-tune to ensure your new hair looks perfect and completely naturalstrong>. With us, there is no room for compromise - quality comes first.

Special care products for your toupees and wigs

In addition to our hair systems, we also carry a selection of special and carefully selected care products for toupees and wigs. So you can maintain your good looks in the long term and take optimum care of your hair system. We want you to enjoy your new look for a long time to come!

Discover the Schillo difference and let our expertise and passion for high-quality hair replacement solutions convince you. Make an appointment today and find out how we can boost your self-confidence and emphasize your personal style.

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