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As master hairdressers and top stylists, we specialize in beautiful hair. Not only fashion, but also hairstyle trends reinvent themselves every season. That's why we are constantly educating ourselves and are happy to advise you on which hairstyles and hair colors are currently particularly trendy and how to best show off your type.

Actual Hairstylings


Even and especially if your hair is not naturally dense dream hair, we support you very early with efficient solutions for the preservation or natural replacement of your hair, accompanied by experienced medical professionals. Let us advise you, ideally already at the beginning of hair loss.

Hair Solutions


If your hair loss is far advanced, we rely on natural and authentic hair replacement with custom-made products of the highest quality. As one of the most renowned hair replacement specialists, we offer you a fantastic toupee alternative with our highly developed Sensigraft® brand product. Our long-standing customers of all ages confirm it again and again: Schillo's solutions are world class! You will be amazed at how invisible modern toupees are.

Sensigraft® – natural


Are you suffering from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy? Even if the hair loss is only temporary, those affected also suffer mentally very much from their changed appearance in addition to their cancer. It is important to us to help you as a cancer patient to quickly regain a natural appearance.

Sensigraft® – Hair

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