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WORTH KNOWING about Sensigraft®

What is Sensigraft®?

Sensigraft® is a natural and authentic hair replacement solution that offers custom-made hair replacement of the highest quality. The trademarked Sensigraft® is a proprietary development of Schillo.

What problems can Sensigraft® help me with?

If you suffer from extremely thin hair, receding hairline, hair loss or even baldness due to genetic hair loss (alopecia androgenetica), circular hair loss (alopecia areata), chemotherapy, Szezary syndrome or other reasons, the hair replacement product Sensigraft® can offer you an excellent solution that is almost indistinguishable from real hair.

Can I also have my hair cut at Schillo?

Of course! And how! Because we are not only second hair specialists, but also master hairdressers. Our team is constantly trained to always be up to date. Cutting-edge styling is our daily business, no matter what the hair.

Is Sensigraft® available in every hair color?

The hair supplementation technique Sensigraft® is available in all common hair colors. It is real hair and therefore absolutely convincing.

Can I wear Sensigraft® in the swimming pool, sauna and convertible?

Sensigraft® can be worn in the sauna without any problems and even salt water will not harm it. The holding technique is heat-, wind- and water-resistant and ensures an immovably firm hold.

Can I blow-dry Sensigraft® hair?

Since Sensigraft® is real hair, you can blow-dry your hair as usual. Sensigraft® is as heat resistant as your own hair.

What solutions are there if I want to have longer hair?

Schillo offers hair extensions (extensions) with high-quality human hair, which are hardly distinguishable from your head hair and therefore absolutely convincing.

Is it possible for health insurance companies to cover the costs?

In certain cases, all costs for wigs are covered by the health insurance companies as part of a therapy - but only for synthetic hair wigs. In the case of high-quality human hair products such as those from Schillo, only a part is usually paid. In order for the costs to be covered, you must have a doctor's certificate confirming the necessity of the wig. Talk to your doctor and insurance company beforehand.


Hairdresser -->> Besides being a second hair specialist, we are also hairdressers. Our team is constantly trained to be always up to date.

Hair extension -->> In the ladies area we offer hair extensions (extensions) with high quality human hair.

Hair loss -->> Here we have to differentiate: 80% of men have genetically caused hair loss (Alopezia androgenetica), which mostly starts with "Geheimratsecken" and extends over the top of the head in the course of time. In very few cases it is alopezia areata (circular hair loss), which can also occur in women. In women, hormonal fluctuations are often the cause.

Alopecia Areata -->> One of the most common non-hereditary causes of hair loss is circular hair loss or "alopecia areata". You can recognize it by the round, hairless patches that usually fall out quickly or in episodes. There are often broken hairs at the edge of the bald patches. If you can see the pores of the hair excretory ducts, this is a good sign that the hair can grow back. Affected people often decide to wear wigs or toupees to conceal the bald spots. Schillo offers a wide range of individual solutions. 

Szezary syndrome -->> is a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, often accompanied by hair loss (alopecia) of the entire body hair and numerous other skin problems.

Chemotherapy -->> is a medical therapy used to treat cancer, which in most cases is associated with hair loss.

Wigs -->> served as headdresses in the 17th century and were worn as fashion accessories in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Today, they are used as hair substitutes in cases of too little hair of one's own or a bald head.

Bald -->> is the term for the hairless top of the human head. It often contributes to an older or more unappealing appearance.

Toupee -->> it can contribute to a more positive appearance if it is of high quality. Conversely, a poor quality toupee quickly looks ridiculous.

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